Yeah, THAT Can’t Be Good - A Eureka Re-Watch

BONUS: Eureka - the Graphic Novel/Comic Book

August 29, 2020

Eureka – Comic Book/Graphic Novel – May 2009

Join Kym and Vickie as they discuss Eureka – the comic book/graphic novel

((SPOILER ALERT! As much as we have tried to keep this episode as spoiler free as possible; it is impossible to talk about this book without giving away some spoilers. If you have not read this comic and are planning to, you may want to skip this episode of the podcast until you do.))

Description (Book Cover)

Eureka creators Andrew Cosby and Jamie Paglia are joined by writer Brendan Hay in bringing mayhem to everybody’s favorite town of eccentric geniuses!

When Global Dynamic’s ultimate weapon breaks free, the entire town of Eureka comes under siege! 

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